Thank-you, more please.

On my way to San Diego, during my long layover in San Fransisco, I stumbled upon the movie HappyThankYouMorePlease. While I had seen previews for it during the winter, I never got around to actually seeing it. However, being stuck in San Francisco due to rain I decided to pay the overpriced $3 and download it to my laptop. And, I’m happy that I did.

The story follows several late twenty-somethings who are trying to figure out their lives – sounds like me as I am getting closer to graduation. But, during one scene, one of the main characters, a young woman who has alopecia, is on a date with someone she isn’t particularly interested in. However, she winds up telling him this story about how she heard from a cab driver that she needs more gratitude in her life. Then, whenever she is grateful for something and happy, she should say thank you. But then, to show the universe that she would like that happiness to continue, she learns that after saying thank you, she should add more please.

Now, I have always been a huge believer in the power of positive thinking, and have read Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret and The Power multiple times.  I also listen to Lois Hay’s positive affirmations whenever I need additional uplifting.  Both of these women stress gratitude as a way to bring more good into your life. A simple thank you for all the positive aspects of your life will bring more to be grateful for.

However, the idea of saying more please was something new; it made complete sense.  Now the universe could see you were grateful for whatever created your happiness, and you are directly asking it to bring you more.  There flying somewhere above California, I was suddenly enlightened, and so was born the mantra of the remainder of my graduate school experience.

So it became a habit along the trip home and in the recent days. I began to say it at all points to keep me positive along the way.

Safe flight: thankyoumoreplease.

Wonderful roommates in San Diego: thankyoumoreplease.

Great colleagues and co-workers: thankyoumoreplease.

Survived a long return taxi ride (ask me about it): thankyoumoreplease.

Met some cute guys: thankyoumoreplease.

Clean apartment: thankyoumoreplease.

Finished a wonderful book: thankyoumoreplease.

Delicious meal: thankyoumoreplease.

Great bar: thankyoumoreplease. 

Bags not lost: thankyoumoreplease.

Met a student from Penn State and heard his narrative of recent events and his wonderful advocacy: thankyoumoreplease.

Reflecting on a wonderful cohort: thankyoumoreplease.

Appreciative of the new energy from the first-years: thankyoumoreplease.

The wonderful leadership, support, and guidance from the faculty: thankyoumoreplease.

And tonight hosting the largest celebration dinner for my father in 6 years: thankyoumoreplease.

You get the point.

This mantra worked wonders on in recent days because when things got me down, I learned to see the positives and be thankful for them, like the amazing scenery, good music on my i-Pod, good company, and new friends.  And, after safely getting to a destination, there’s no better phrase to mutter than thankyoumoreplease.

So, while laying in bed last night, attempting to drift to sleep, I began to think about what’s next, something that frequently occurs. Usually this brings me to frustration for not knowing, and I begin to feel down. But, last night something different happened, I began to think of how grateful I am to be where I am. For all of it. The good, not-so-good, and most importantly the people.

Instead, I had to be grateful for that experience and then ask for more just like it.

So join me tomorrow – on the day for Thanksgiving – to not only give thanks but to invite more of it into your life. Share them on the SUSDA Facebook Group, the SUSDA Blog, over the listserv, pick up the phone, make a surprise visit, whatever. Just put it out there in the universe. Because I just know that so many more wonderful experiences are yet to come.


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