Job and Internship Roundup


  • The University of Washington needs an “Academic Counselor” for their Department of Communication. Use 79371 as a search code for this job. The job was posted 11/15/2011 and is open until filled. Alum Heather Werckle sent this to us.
  • The UW Bothell campus is in need of an intern to help with The Dream Project, which involves their Diversity Recruitment and Outreach. Contact Katrina Anaya ( for that one.
  • The UW Tacoma Campus is in need of a Adviser/Recruiter. Auburee Robinson Steffens sent this via Erin Swezey. Job closes 12/21/2011
  • Pacific Lutheran University is in the market for an Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership. The job is open until filled. Jeremy Stringer forwarded this one to us.
  • Highline Community College has a limited position, a 1000 hour Academic Advisor . Open until filled. Gwen Spencer via Erin Swezey sent this to us.


  • Texas A&M University is looking for two positions: A student development specialist working with their immense orientation program (Job 120332). This job opened on 11/22/2011, and doesn’t have a listed close date, but one would assume open until filled. Dustin Grabsch would be happy to talk to anyone about his Alma Mater ( Erin Swezey sent this to us.
  • Alum Jill Vogel, through Erin Swezey, sent us another TAMU position, this time as a Special Assistant to the Director of Student Activities (Job 120347). This job just posted on 11/29/2011, but review of applications begins immediately. Act fast!
  • Gina Lopardo sent us this next pair, both from the College of Mount Saint Vincent, which is in Riverdale, NY.
  • Speaking of New York, Brockhurst University in New York has a paid summer internship in a whole host of programs. Check out the list here.
  • The University of Rhode Island has two positions as well:
    • A Coordinator (Experiential Education Liaison) for their College of Business Administration. (Job 6000622)
    • And a Coordinator (Experiential Education Liaison for their College of Arts and Sciences. (Job 6000623). Both of these close on 12/9/2011, so act quick.

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