A New Year, a New SUSDA Video?

The New Year is coming. On Thursday, December 22nd, the Winter Solstice will occur, and we’ll be properly festive with the scarves, the hot chocolates, and snow (I always think snow is incredibly entertaining, although that is mostly because I’m from California and snow is still novel to me.) This is typically a time for reflection, as we sum up the year, and look ahead to the next year. What will it hold? Job searches? Personal discovery? Further understanding of what it means to be in this crazy field we call Student Affairs? The Mayan Apocalypse? (hint: no).

I was examining our own back log, and discovered that the blog is almost a year old now. We’ve published 154 posts (155 including this one) from 15 different people. In order to get a few more voices out there, I’ve eased up on my posting over the past quarter, so that wasn’t just me spouting on about my reflections, my take on the program. The blog is meant to reflect the community we experience among one another already, a place for deeper reflection and discussion. Also, some of what used to pass for posts have since been wrapped up into the weekly SUSDA announcements.

Our very first post however wasn’t introducing the blog, but instead advertising preview days. The second post was a statement about why we needed the SUSDA Preview Days video.

For those who haven’t seen it in a while, take a gander below:

Some discussion has occurred over the past month, and some parties thought it would be appropriate for us to make another SUSDA video. However, while I was able to help put out this project last quarter, the only way this video would be completed this year is if I had a committee to help produce the video. That would mean solidifying what kind of video we want to make (About the program? About preview days only? About internships?), wrangling interview subjects, helping edit the video together, and helping present it at Preview Days.

If you’re interested in such a thing, e-mail me at luekenb@seattleu.edu.


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