December Job and Internship Roundup


  • Green River Community College is in the market for a paid intern over 300 hours from January 9th-June working with their Welcome Center (college entry and advising it seems). Sarah Postel sent this to us, and you should e-mail her for more information at
  • There’s a temporary part time position at UW Tacoma as a Recruiter/Adviser for their Masters of Accounting Program. It is open until filled, and the job number is 80486, and was sent to us by current student Lindsey Pierce.


  • Reed College has two positions, both in housing! The first is an Assistant Dean of Students for Resident Life. The posting is open until filled, and was posted December 2nd. The second is a Resident Director position more suitable for students who are just about to graduate. This posting is open until February 24th, but there will be immediate review for this one. It’s also listed as appearing at The Placement Exchange. Both positions was sent to us by alum Dayspring Mattole, who works at Reed, and can be contact for more information at


  • The University of Melbourne’s North American Branch in Washington D.C. needs an intern! It seems that they are flexible, and while they would like to have an intern beginning in February, they can hold the position for 3-6 months, depending on if they like your or not. Melissa Chapman is your contact here:, and applications are due January 6th. Alum Julie Mathews sent this to us.
  • Texas A&M, ever hungry for more staff, desires a Student Activities and Orientation person. Search for job number 120445. The position is open until January 12th, and Jill Vogel sent it to us.



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