SUSDA Exec Meeting 1-10-12

Dustin and Laura Lynn absent due to absent due to ARD duties, Stephanie to lead meeting.

  •  Budget Update from Stephanie and Sarah
    • Internship fair has been (somewhat) funded.
    • College of Education has been solicited for MAGIS
  • Professional Development Update and Feedback from Courtney
    • A collaborative event with GSC? Need more information.
    • Video for 20th anniversary, and NASPA? Use the same SUSDA video?
      • Could be recut based on longer interviews still on file. Brandon would like extra help on this however.
    • Student Affairs Soiree — Courtney has been selected as a point person by NASPA. Details still developing.
    • Other events include Networkwing with Purpose, and Negotiating Salary, Benefits, and more. Now on the SUSDA calendar.
  • Internship Fair Updates and Prep from Sarah
    • 20+ supervisors have RSVPed already
    • Going over final details with committee
  • SUSDA Video update from Brandon
    • No interest from anyone willing to edit, work on pre-production, or be interviewed.
    • Will speak with Darrell and Preview Days Interns to see if there is support from that region.
  • MAGIS Update from Ester and Kelly
    • Received 26-27 submissions. Editing begins now.
    • Will have online and physical journal.
      • Physical journal will have fewer of the submissions, depending on the budget
    • Still waiting on budget to clear
  • SUSDA Community Meeting from Stephanie
    • Who is doing the inspiration? Still need volunteer
    • Gathering updates for the Community Meeting
  • Open Agenda and Temperature Check of SUSDA
    • Worried about students new to the area adjusting to the gloom
    • Those new to the quarter system might feel burned out
    • First year-second year interactions?



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