January Job Roundup


  • Cascadia Community College is in the market for a few things, which Ana Blackstad sent us:
    • A very specific kind of advisor: professional and technical programs, as well as coordinating Cascadia’s Opportunity Grants program. Applications are due by January 30th by 5pm.
    • A part time (16 hrs) Running Start Office Assistant. Priority deadline has passed, but they’re still accepting applications.
  • University of Washington needs a Graduate Student Services and Diversity Specialist (Job #80722). Priority applications are due January 31st. Sabrina Moss and Heather Werckle sent this to us.
  • Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA is searching for a Resident Director. You can find more here, or by looking up reference #0120311. Tim Albert, via Erin Swezey, sent this along to us. This one seems open until filled.
  • Washington University at St. Louis is looking for two different positions, that Bernie Liang sent us:
    • Assistant Director of Programs, Danforth University Center, and Event Management (#23238). This one has no listed close date, but one assumes open until filled.
    • Coordinator for Student Involvement and Leadership (#23219). This job will begin reviews on March 1st.
  • Universidad del Pacifico, in Lima, Peru is in need of an International Relations intern. SU grad Andrew McGeehan did this internship two years ago, and can tell you more about it (mcgeeha1@seattleu.edu). Applications are due to Erin Swezey by January 27th.

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