A Note to Our Potential Student Readers

We at SUSDA are aware that this blog is in fact linked to the official Student Development Administration website. We are aware that some of our visitors may in fact be potential students, who have applied to Seattle University and are anxiously awaiting to hear back from the admissions office. Some of you may have already heard back from the admissions office.

I am here to tell you that if you have not received any notification from Seattle University about your admissions standing, do not freak out. You are okay, it’s just that the admissions office is behind. You see, applications were due January 15th. That was a Sunday. The 16th was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a public holiday with no mail service. The University was closed. On the 17th, the technical application due date, most of the University was sent home early on account of snow (listen, if you’re not a Seattle native, it’s kind of a big deal. We have a lot of hills. For an idea, I recommend visiting this page). The school remained closed Wednesday through Sunday. Normal service began January 23rd, the next week. This basically shorted the admissions team a week to work on applications. They also now had to help coordinate everything else that normally happens during this busy time (like the Internship and Networking Fair, adjusting already packed class schedules) in addition to a crunched admissions deadline.

I spoke with Jeremy Stringer, program director and professor, earlier today. After several meetings with the admissions team, it was decided that rather than delay everyone, decisions would be made on currently complete applications. Applications that were stalled for one reason or another by the admissions office are still pending. If you have not heard from Seattle University, this is most likely why. This is by no means saying that if you have not heard from Seattle University, you are automatically guaranteed admission, it simply means that you still have a fighting chance. The admissions department has sent letters to any application that had a final decision, as of yesterday. The team is currently working through the remaining applications, and hopes to have made a decision on all the applications by next week. This is again, not a promise, as something else could delay the process  but hopefully everyone who has applied will know next week.

That’s all we know at the moment, but thought we would publish this as a public service announcement. If you have any questions regarding your application, I would recommend that you pursue the formal channels. Best of luck, and I hope to see everyone at Preview Days.

Speaking of which watch this space for more Preview Days information/reflections.


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