Job Roundup for Early February

There are a lot of jobs out there gang. Here are all the ones we’ve heard about lately.


  • The Art Institute of Portland is in the market for Financial Aid Officer. I don’t see a deadline on here. Jonathan Scrimenti sent this to us.
  • Western Washington University is looking for an Resident Director by late March, although application reviews began on January 19th. Tim Wilson sent this to us.
  • Washington State University in Pullman needs a Resident Director as well (Job # 038766). Their deadline is March 6th, and hey, Tim Wilson also sent this to us.
  • A perusal of the WSU site indicate they were in need of some academic advising (Job #103780) in a variety of areas including international students (Job # 088452). The first position deadline is February 12th, the international student adviser deadline is February 22nd.


  • UC Santa Barbara (where is often very sunny, and there are some Residence Halls on the beach, almost quite literally) needs a Resident Director (Job #20120003). Could you be it? Apply by February 13, although it is supposedly open until filled. Cari Urabe (alum?) sent this to us.
  • Colorado State University doesn’t make any sense to me. Their positions aren’t located in a central database, but on individual department websites. Their Office for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement in need of an Assistant Director of Involvement. Materials are due March 16th, but for all intents and purposes the position is open until filled. Alum Christina Coop sent this to us.
  • Colorado State University’s Women and Gender Advocacy Center could really use a Coordinator for Men’s Programming and Violence Prevention.  This application is due by February 20th. Tim Wilson sent this to us.
Eastern Seaboard
  • UMass Amherst also needs a Resident Director. Well, according to Andrew, they need 5-7 Resident Directors. Their deadline is March 2, 2012. Alum Andrew McGeehan sent this to us, and he currently works there, so feel free to e-mail him with any questions.
  • Stonehill College in Massachusetts needs an International Programs Adviser like, yesterday. There’s no close date, but much of the tone is very now now now. The wonderful Gina Lopardo sent this to us.
  • It seems Stonehill College also needs an Assistant Director Intercultural Affairs.
  • The University of Virginia has openings for two career counselors. The application deadline is March 12, and you can thank (guess who) Tim Wilson for this posting.
  • Speaking of Virginia, the University of Richmond has an opening as well for the Associate Director of Employer Relationship Management (career services, I guess?). This job closes February 17, and Tim Wilson can be held entirely responsible for our posting of this.
  • Dartmouth seeks an Alcohol and Other Drugs Coordinator (position#1010840). I am not seeing a closing date here. Tim Wilson, natch.
  • While looking up that position, I also discovered that Dartmouth needs an Assistant Director of Student Involvement (position #0668600).
  • The University of Maryland needs a Resident Director. If you’re interested in applying, you better do so by February 17. Tell them Tim Wilson sent you.
  • Clemson University has plenty of Residential Life openings for you. There’s an Assistant Director for Suites and Apartments, and Two Hall Directors. The Assistant Director position had a deadline of Monday February 13, the others are interviewing at TPE. Alum Molly Dugan sent this along.
  • Georgia Tech needs an Assistant Dean/Director of Student Engagement. (Job 0166290). Tim Wilson continues to send us jobs.
Other National
  • And what would the Job Roundup be without a Texas A&M posting? They need a Program Coordinator. I am not seeing a deadline in this posting, and Tim Wilson strikes again.
  • Loyola University Chicago is searching for a Program Manager for Transfer Support Services, which is open until filled.  Tim Wilson is the source of all jobs.
  • SOMEONE BESIDES TIM WILSON SENT US JOB. Alum (?) Ian Jamieson let us know that Marquette University is in the market for a Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs (Job 0601527). This one closes on February 13, so be quick about it.

Summer Internships

  • UC Riverside needs a summer intern for their LGBT Resource Center. The deadline is February 24th, and Kelly Bankert sent this to us. I could not find anything on the website about this, but could forward the e-mail I received.
  • Alum Sabrina Moss thanks anyone interested in an international internship should look here.

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