SUSDA E-Team Meeting, This Time with Preview Days Interns

Kelly Russell absent due to prior commitment. We are joined by Preview Day Interns Kelly Alvarado and Nick Cubita

  • Check-ins with everybody
  • Preview Days
    • There is a need for overnight hosts and airport pickup volunteers. Perhaps a second  round of petitioning?
    • Ways to involve SUSDA
      • Dinner toast at Piecoras?
      • Sitting on Panels
      • Energizers
      • Ways to incorporate 20th anniversary
        • Specific panel focus? Question as part of one panel?
      • Panel etiquette
      • Undergraduate panel nominations via weekly newsletter
      • Preview days reflections on the blog
  • Budget Update
    • MAGIS has been funded, and a general fund has also been obtained
    • However, sources of funding have been identified as non-sustainable
  • Mentor-Mentee Feedback
    • Mentors said they were having 3-4 interactions, Mentees said they were having 7-10 interactions
    • Perhaps Mentees are valuing chance encounters?
    • Name of the Mentor/Mentees appropriate?
  • Multicultural Competency Development Program
    • Event and programming in April, possible new SUSDA E-team member?
  • April Volunteer event for SUSDA Fun Committee?
    • Details to come
  • Preview Days to dominate next SUSDA meeting
  • Planning for next meetings

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