Preview Days are approaching!

I have a confession… I never went.

I am what one might call a non-traditional student who took a non-traditional pathway into the SDA program. And thus, due to timing and happenstance, I missed Preview Days. Since “non-traditional” is open to interpretation, I’ll expand. I am a bit older than the average SU SDA student, lived abroad for an extended period of time, and have classroom teaching experience. I am working two jobs and juggling a professional life, personal life, and school. My non-traditional pathway consists of beginning in another graduate program at SU and transitioning into SDA life.

Do I wish I had attended? Yes. Orientation and classes become more interesting when you’ve already begun to connect with other students (who you will see quite often). Also, as decisions increase and stress levels rise, it is nice to have friendly, familiar faces to help figure things out or commiserate with. And Preview Days is where it begins.

If you can make it, GO! If not, don’t worry. My adjustment into the program has gone smoothly with the assistance of continuing students, first-year students, and staff who are all here to offer support. We look forward to meeting you and extending a welcome well beyond this first week!


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