We Have Not Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

Hello lovely site visitors.

We have not dropped off the face of the planet, although judging by the blog, that is what you think may have happened. Most of the normal updates we have, re: advertising events, or me rambling about the weather and mental health, have instead been supplanted by the Weekly SUSDA Newsletter. As the SUSDA Communications Chair, I collect announcements, and write introductions to the newsletter, but that doesn’t help our alums and our prospective students who may be looking to the blog as a way to get connected. Or is that what Facebook is for? I don’t know. That’s one of the most interesting things about using the internet and technology: how are people using our resources, and in what interesting ways are they combining them? We’re still learning about different web platforms (something that didn’t even exist until like, five years ago).

Anyway, one of the most major things we’ve been up to is the job search. Negotiating Salary and Benefits is a big part of that job search, so much so that we had a big seminar on it. You might not have been there, but that’s okay! We filmed it.

There is also a handy dandy worksheet, which is right over here.

We hope you enjoy.


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