SUSDA in Transition: MAGIS Co-Editor and Chief


This report is written by Kelly Russell, MAGIS Co-Editor in Cheif


Reflections of the Year

-Feelings in the beginning: I was excited to be an editor-in-chief, but I was also nervous as to how the responsibility was going to play into the other responsibilities I knew I was going to have this year. I wanted to make sure I could balance my time properly and still produce a great journal.

-Strengths of the SUSDA E-Team: The SUSDA E-Team provided a lot of support throughout the year. I really appreciated the effort that was put forth, especially at the beginning of the year, to create a community amongst all of us. I felt part of something and felt that if I needed help from one of my E-Team members that I was going to get it.

-Areas of Growth for SUSDA: I realized towards the middle of winter quarter, once other projects outside of SUSDA started building up, that it was harder for all of us to hold firm as a community. It was hard to find time for all of us to meet and so I think an area of growth would be staying committed to regular meetings throughout the year.

-What did you get out of the experience: I got the unique opportunity to manage a large project from start to finish. I was able to collaborate with an individual who is different from myself and therefore we both learned how to use a shared vision and how to use each other’s strengths and weaknesses to create a successful journal. This, I feel, was most rewarding, as I was challenged and encouraged along the way. Additionally, it is a great feeling to have a tangible product of all your hard work- that was definitely a great moment for Ester and I when the journal was published.


Success, Accomplishments, and Changes


MAGIS Information Session

MAGIS Editor Training Session (November 4, 2011)

MAGIS Editing Session (January 4, 2012)

MAGIS Reception (May 23, 2012)


Goals: Our goal was to create an academically sound journal that represented the diverse voices of our SDA community, as well as other areas of higher education, if possible. In terms of layout, we also wanted the journal to have a more professional look to it and start to prepare the journal for what we hope will be a larger readership in the future. We also tried to a create a theme around the journal of celebrating the 20thyear of the program. We did this by engaging alumni and faculty, who wrote pieces that went in the journal.


As journal submissions came in, we realized another theme that centered on practical application in the student affairs profession.


I think the one thing that I would have changed about our process was having more time. We wanted to have the journal in time for the SDA reception at NASPA, and therefore we were really crammed in February to bring everything together.


Hopes and Expectations

It is my hope that the MAGIS Journal will continue to reflect the scholarship of our SDA community, as well as continue to work to make sure that a diverse group of voices is being heard. I would love to see the journal increase in readership next year, as well as see it continue to be laid out in a way that maintains its professionalism.


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