SUSDA in Transition: MAGIS Co-Editor and Chief Report

This transition report was written by Ester Sihite, MAGIS Co-Editor-in-Chief

Initial Expectations

I was excited but also worried at the beginning of the year for the role on the SUSDA E-team and as a MAGIS editor.  I knew that the time commitment and responsibilities would be large at times, yet I was also excited for the process of co-creating the journal.

Summary of Work for MAGIS

The work would not have been possible without Kelly, my partner editor.  We started out with simply planning and laying out the timeline in the summer, then meeting with our advisor (Jeremy), then editor recruitment, training, email solicitations for submissions, communicating with editors and contributors, making sometimes tough decisions with regard to selection, doing final copy editing, laying out the journal and finally, going to print and working with Reprographics.  It was a lot of work, yet I would say that I would still have done it again.  I would have, however, delegated more (with regard to copy editing and layout editing especially) and done more community things (like perhaps an optional get-together at the end of the journal production process).

Being a Part of E-Team

Being a part of the E-team was a part of the position that I actually had not anticipated at first (upon applying for and accepting the role as an editor).  Though a good learning experience and one that provided an opportunity to get to know the other E-team members fairly well, it was sometimes difficult to fit in the responsibilities for the journal, schoolwork, and other parts of life into limited timeframes.  Winter quarter was especially tough.  In addition, the editing roles had a uniquely academic focus that made it often a very different project than other E-team projects.  For these reasons, I recommended that future editors could decide if and how they wanted to take on being part of the E-team.

Growth of E-Team

I am pleased to see that SUSDA has seemed to really facilitate community and co-curricular opportunities for students in the SDA program.  The last meeting, in which the election for new officers took place, seemed to visually show how much more involved and active members of the community were with regards to SUSDA.  It was great to see.  Also, I am excited about the growth of the diversity that exists for the coming year within the E-team.  I think it will be a really dynamic team that makes a lot of good things happen!

Successes, Accomplishments, and Changes

List of Programs/Events

– October 20, 2011: Editor Informational Session

– November 4, 2011: Editor Training Session

– January 13, 2012: Group Editing Session

– May 23, 2012: Magis Journal Release (Anticipated)


My main goal was to produce a quality academic journal that incorporated diverse talents, viewpoints, topics related to the student affairs profession.  I felt that we did accomplish this goal by: spreading the word about the opportunity for people to publish in the journal; working with a team of editors (and advisors) to refine the pieces; and following through with the timeline such that we could have a completed journal by the NASPA reception in March.

What I Would Have Changed

I would have delegated tasks within the editing process more, for example soliciting more help with copy editing and layout editing whenever possible (and planning ahead for when those would need to take place).  I would have reached out more to students of color and “non-traditionally aged” students to get a wider variety of perspectives in the journal’s content.  I would have also invested a little bit more effort in the beginning of the year to secure funds for the journal (we did not know until deep into the year what, if any, our funds for printing the journals, etc. would be, causing some stress for Kelly and me at times).

Hopes and Expectations of Our Successors

I hope that the editors will put effort into the journal’s production, communicate well with the community about what the journal is and incorporate different perspectives for how to continually grow the journal, draw support from the advisors, and have some fun in the process (it can be draining and isolated at times, but I hope that they are able to create some community through this experience!).

Hopes and Expectations of Next Year’s E-Team

I hope that the E-team has fun(!), listens to each other, listens to the community, and leave positive legacies for the next SUSDA communities.


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