Letter from SUSDA President Mike De Vera


As Incoming Chair, I cannot help but think of the possibilities that the next year will bring.  However, it is difficult to find this optimism without looking at how much we have accomplished this past year.  I am grateful for the passion and dedication demonstrated by E-team 2011-2012.  This batch of individuals cultivated an atmosphere that produced greater involvement from its members, supported events initiated by folks outside of E-team, and strengthened students’ relationships with alumni.  Each E-team member has given SUSDA 2012-13 a great platform to begin the upcoming academic year.

Incoming E-team just finished a fulfilling and insightful retreat this weekend.  I cannot be more excited about what’s in store. We look forward to serving and representing you.  Have a great summer.


Michael de Vera
Incoming Chair, SUSDA

2012-2013 E-Team




3 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Go for it you beautiful people, you! I’m excited for the ways in which you will deepen the presence and work of this phenomenal SUSDA community. I’m already proud of you for saying yes to serving your peers and the SU community.

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