Like my mom, I do most of my best thinking in the shower.  Yesterday, I was pondering why my last remaining eye makeup remover swatch had been dry, a definite disappointment at the end of a long day of mascara and eye liner.  I realized that the moisture in the swatches is preserved by its proximity to the other swatches in the canister.  Without another swatch to keep it moist, the last swatch had dried out.

I get this quirky, lightbulb-goes-on expression sometimes when an idea hits me, and I’ve no doubt that one of those expressions alighted my face at that moment.  Sure I could understand why my last eye makeup remover swatch had dried out, but how true that analogy was of human relationships, too.  How much of our lifeblood and our vibrancy is preserved and even bolstered by being in close proximity to others?  Without those relationships, we shrivel.  Loneliness descends, and we become like the last swatch in my canister – dried out.

I would have liked to experiment with that swatch.  I would have liked to stick a couple fresh swatches in with the dry one and see how long it would take for their moisture to soak into the dry one, or if it even would.  How long does it take for someone else’s vibrancy and excitement to seep into us when we’ve dried out?  Maybe it’s gradual, a little bit here and there until we have been re-integrated into the moisture, the vibrancy, the Life.

We are meant for community, for sharing life together, for walking side-by-side.  There is vibrancy and excitement and Life when we are together.  We are not only preserved, but we are bolstered by being with others, with family and friends, with those who love us and whom we love.  Together we can accomplish great things.  Together.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or where you’re heading, you are welcomed here.  We, together, are SUSDA.  We are a community, and for a time of our lives, our stories our enmeshed, and we have the privilege of living life together.  I am so excited and hope you are, too.


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