Find your Sanctuary.

Blog Post from Kathleen Horenstein


I realized that the key to surviving grad school, working, internships, and everything else we pile on through the year is to find a place that truly becomes your sanctuary. To de-stress I need to be surrounded by good friends, a glass of wine, and a relaxing place to come home to. Find what works for you, and let it become your safe haven. I am excited for my second year in the program because I’ve been able to change pace this summer by taking on two internships (outside of my graduate assistantship field) and fine-tune anything else in my life that was out of balance. For me, it was where I lived, for you it might be something completely different.

Having just moved to a new apartment, I finally feel like I found my sanctuary. Whatever it may be, take the time in your first year to figure out what places, people, and activities really impact your life and what positivity you need to accomplish everything on your plate. When we talk about cura personalis, (self care), we sometimes spend more time thinking about it than actually doing anything that produces results. To accomplish everything I want this year, I’ve decided to move to a new neighborhood, buy UW Football tickets (–Go Huskies!), take on an additional internship in a field I am really passionate about, and study abroad in Sweden next August.

Do what you love, surround yourself with people who make you a better person, and find a relaxing place to let yourself recharge. Whether it’s a ritual, meditation, a physical place, or a person, find your sanctuary and make it a habit. And when something isn’t working, change it! This is your program, your experience, and your time to grow into the professional you want to be—don’t let it fly by!



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