Serving First-Generation Low-Income College Students

Blog Post from Caitlin Blomquist


Lisa Jacobson and I created a website about serving first-generation low-income college students for our Counseling Diverse Populations class:

Please check out the website! We would also welcome any blog readers’ feedback about the site.




This website is designed to be a resource for student affairs professionals and anyone else who works with first-generation low-income college students. First-generation students are an often invisible sub-population on college campuses around the United States who benefit from culturally competent support services and professionals who are willing and capable to advocate for their unique needs. Saenz, Hurtado, Barrera, Wolf, and Yeung (2007) estimate that one in every six students at four-year American universities are first-generation college students (as cited in Stephens, Fryberg, Markus, Johnson, & Covarrubias, 2012). Overall, these students tend to struggle academically in college compared to continuing-generation students–students who have at least one parent with a bachelor’s degree (Stephens, Fryberg, Markus, Johnson, & Covarrubias, 2012). 

To help college student services personnel and other educators best serve first-generation low-income students, this website contains information about these students, key concepts and competencies for serving them, and a guide to other relevant national, state, and scholarly resources. We hope you find some information here that helps you provide culturally competent services, support, and advocacy for first-generation low-income college students. 

Thank you,

Lisa Jacobson and Caitlin Blomquist
Student Development Administration Master’s Program
Seattle University


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