Do do do do you have it? (A message from 12-13 First Year Liaison Laura Lynn Horst)

Please tell me I didn’t age myself with that reference to one of the greatest ‘90s game shows ever, GUTS. Anyway, the point is, we need a First Year Liaison and it’s a job that takes some guts.  Prepare yourselves for an acronym.

G-Go-getter. The First Year Liaison needs to be someone who isn’t afraid to create something on his or her own. They need to be excited about serving the first year community, and the greater SUSDA community. They need to have the drive and desire to collaborate with faculty, the SUSDA E-Team, and fellow students to create a memorable experience for first years, and an awesome send off for the graduating class.

U-Understanding. The FYL needs to be ready and willing to listen to the cares and concerns of the first year class, and able to understand and share those concerns with the E-Team and faculty. They also have the unique opportunity to understand the inner workings of the SDA Department and the College of Education as a whole.

T-Tenacity. Times will get tough. You will get stressed. The FYL needs to be tenacious and never give up even when obstacles arise. (Example: Trying to get a liquor license for the Graduation Celebration right in the middle of the new liquor legislation and all liquor stores closing in the greater Seattle area.)

S-Special. Awwww…I know. But really, truly, being the First Year Liaison is a special experience. One that only one first year has the opportunity to experience.

It’s work, it’s stressful, it’s fun, and it’s one that I wouldn’t trade for the whole of my first year.  Looking back, I wish I would have done more with the position, but even though it was frustrating at times trying to balance school, my off campus work, a social life and the responsibilities of the FYL, I made great friends and felt proud of what I accomplished. I can’t wait to see who takes the reins and shows us all their GUTS!


–Laura Lynn


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