Keep Calm and Grad School On!

Blog Post from Keisha (Lakeisha) Nicole Jackson

That’s the message on the goldenrod paper on the front of my binder.  My former colleague printed it for me last fall (2011) when I decided to dive into the graduate school application process. A year later I’ve decided to keep it on my binder, at least throughout this first quarter, maybe even year – check back with me in mid-June.

This is how I keep calm…

My name is Keisha – actually Lakeisha Nicole Jackson. My dear supervisor Darrell Goodwin told me that he Googled my first name and it means “favorite one”. Interesting! I’ll be sure to tell my parents that…and my siblings! I am coming to Seattle University and into the SDA program with some great professional experiences.  I worked at Western Washington University for 2 years in Student Outreach Services and in Disability Resources for Students. I also worked at a local non-profit organization, College Success Foundation (CSF) based in Issaquah, for 5.5 years in the College & Alumni Services Department. CSF’s mission is to provide college access, holistic support services and scholarships to low income, high potential students.

I am very interested in theoretical knowledge of student development and investing my whole self in my graduate school experience. In late September I moved to North Beacon Hill to be closer to campus and am enjoying my busy life! I love to travel! I am adventurous! I love people! I love food & wine – I have a blog:, like us on Facebook (please). I love books, pop culture and studying groups of people – I am a sociologist to my core. My B.A. was a double in sociology and communication. One day in the not too distant future I hope to earn my Ph.D. in Sociology…Fast Forward 30-35 years my resume will have additions such as: director of a student services department, dean of students, professor of sociology, chair of the department of sociology, dean of the college of ——, VP of student affairs, provost, university PRESIDENT! I believe in speaking your vision/goals/dreams into existence. I believe in strong mentoring and in being a self-advocate!

I’m made a life transition to be a part of this program and I am so very glad that I did. I had my formative years in Tacoma. Then I trekked up to Bellingham to attend Western, during my college years. Then in March 2007 I moved to Seattle and began my time with College Success Foundation. I was searching for that next step – for magis if you will, I was striving for more and my mind was open to opportunity when I had a great conversation around discernment with Darrell during preview days. I knew from that experience that SU would be a great fit for me and I knew that I would be a great fit for SU. (Thanks for the pep talk Darrell!)

So here I am, doing the SDA program full-time. I left my position at College Success Foundation in August. I went to Cabo for a week to relax and reset for this new adventure. Now, I am now doing a graduate assistantship as coordinator for off-campus student life. Building programming, events and community for SU’s off-campus student population and working to streamline work between Integrity Formation, House & Residential Life, Commuter & Transfer Student Life and Public Safety. My assistantship is a great stepping stone for many great opportunities in the future. And as Dr. Maya Angelou says: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

…Grad School On!



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