Reflections on the SUSDA Retreat

Blog Post by Theresa Brostowitz

I was quick to sign up for the fall 2012 SUSDA retreat because, like many of you I’m sure, I have a propensity for over-commitment and never want to miss out on anything. Anything. As the retreat day approached, I began to feel a bit unsettled with my decision and thought perhaps the sacrifice of an entire weekend day of homework would turn out to be a resented impulse sign up. Have you done that; you sign up for something because it sounds great then realize that you have no time and stress about it? Well I decided to go anyway because I didn’t know the refund policy for my fifteen bucks, and I thought some fresh air might do me good.

After having experienced the SUSDA retreat, I know I made the correct decision. The most important thing I took away from the retreat was that I was not alone in my crying, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and general overabundance of misplaced enthusiasm to sign up for everything. I found out that just about everyone was processing the same amount of transition as me, even if it wasn’t the same kind. Just a bonus, I got to know some really great people too. We have such amazing resources in our peers. I think we desperately undervalue that. The SDA cohort has been better than I ever could have hoped. Before starting the program, I subscribed to a certain humor website that told me my program would be a bunch of crying, feeling, oversharing saps. Well… that’s somewhat true, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way (I don’t know who those people were to make me feel like that would be a bad thing). The thing is, this time in our lives right now is about change, process, challenge, and growth. That includes all the hugs, tears, and journeys shared on the SUSDA fall retreat. As a first year, some very amazing leadership and openness was modeled for me, and to think that I will have the opportunity to share my wisdom and experience with next year’s incoming cohort sounds like a very beautiful thing.

Until next time, my friends,



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