Thoughts from Your Chair

To the SUSDA Community,

There is so much to appreciate about the people that make up the SUSDA community: connecting and sharing through social media, people opening up their homes to have gatherings, peers collaborating on projects across departments, and an overall sense of joy when meeting as a large group.  I especially admire the cohesiveness and eagerness of the cohort that just entered SUSDA this past quarter.

Winter quarter is probably the unfriendliest time of the academic year.  The dreary weather, the enticing but ultimately deceptive three-day weekends, and the overall morale can tempt procrastination and other bad student habits.   Therefore, we need each other more than ever to succeed through these challenging times.  Here are some ways we will be advancing in the new year:

  • Table talks: Throughout the first three weeks of winter quarter, there will be scheduled table talks (check-ins) around a topic of interest (continuing students, Graduate Assistants, students of color, those interested in international education, etc.).  This is a way to share opportunities, vent frustration, etc.  We are looking for volunteers to coordinate each one.  More information will be provided by Kathleen (Community Development Chair) soon.
  • Opening up E-Team Meetings: E-Team meets once a month starting January. In efforts to be more transparent about SUSDA-related business, I would like to open up these gatherings to its members.  It’s hosted at the home of a different E-Team member in the form of a potluck dinner, so we can allow as many people as the space can hold. These meetings will be announced in the weekly newsletter.   The next E-Team meeting will be held the evening of Saturday, January 12.  Please email me if you are interested (
  • E-Team 2013-14: For those returning next year, it is time to think about what type of leadership role you see yourself in.  Also, who do you see being a representative for you next year?   Have tea/coffee/lunch with current E-Team or observe an E-Team meeting.  Let the discussions begin!
  • Reach Out: I think it’s great that many relationships have formed this past quarter.  Who is not in your friend circle that you would like to know more? Reach out to that person.  I would love to see this continue as part of the SUSDA culture.

And my biggest recommendation to prepare for winter quarter is to be with ones who are close to you.  With that said, I wish you a Happy Holidays and amazing New Year.

Your SUSDA Chair,

Michael Jordan de Vera


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3 thoughts on “Thoughts from Your Chair

  1. A couple months ago I applied for the SDA program at Seattle University, and I just discovered this blog. I am pleased to know that there is such a great support system for SDA students. Hopefully I will be a part of this community in the fall!

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