SUSDA Executive Team: Who We Are, What We Do

Interested in running for the 2013-2014 SUSDA E-team? Check out these helpful position descriptions to get a better sense of who we are and what we do. The SUSDA Executive Team consists of the following voluntary and unpaid positions:

1. Chair
2. Vice Chair
3. First Year Liaison (elections in fall quarter, description omitted)
4. Community Development Chair
5. Networking Chair
6. Professional Development Chair
7. MAGIS Editor(s)-in-Chief (these positions are nominated rather than elected)
8. Communications Chair
  1. Preside over regular SUSDA Executive Team meetings.
  2. Preside over SUSDA Community Meetings.
  3. Hold SUSDA Executive Team members accountable for responsibilities and duties of their respective positions.
  4. Continually update and regularly meet with SUSDA faculty and staff advisors.
  5. Serve as an advocate for progression and improvements for the SDA program.
  6. Serve as the SUSDA contact person for faculty and staff members.
  7. Work with all members of the SUSDA Executive Team to plan and implement events and programming.
  8. Ensure actions and procedures of all members are in compliance with the SUSDA constitution.
  9. Coordinate and host an annual SUSDA Executive Team summer retreat.
  10. Coordinate with the Vice Chair, in planning and implementing the fall All-SUSDA retreat for all SDA students.
  1. Work with the Office of Vice President for Student Development to procure funding for SUSDA programming and events.
    • Create and submit annual budget proposal by October 1st.
    • Follow-up with the Office of Vice President for Student Development to confirm funding for following year.
  2. Work with each Executive Team position to create a detailed yearly budget.
  3. Maintain the SUSDA organization account through Student Activities Club Connections.
  4. Preside over Executive Team and community meetings if the Chair is unavailable.
  5. Coordinate with the Chair, in planning and implementing the fall All-SUSDA retreat for all SDA students.
  6. Facilitate the election process of all Executive Team positions and appointments. 
  7. Be familiar with Graduate Student Council funding procedure.

  1. Organize and advertise social and/or service events for SUSDA, occurring at least once per quarter.
  2. Coordinate the annual SUSDA winter holiday party.
  3. Organize and maintain the SDA first year and continuing student mentorship program.
  4. Promote Graduate Student Council social events and maintain relationship with council.
  5. Coordinate with all members of the SUSDA Executive Team to create a comprehensive event calendar for the year and distribute to the SUSDA membership.
  1. Participate in Graduate Student open houses.
  2. Work with the SDA program faculty to create connections with prospective students.
  3. Work with SDA program faculty to assist with the development of the SDA orientation curriculum.
  4. Work with the College of Education and SDA Faculty to coordinate any alumni related events.
  5. Encourage alumni to update their contact information with the appropriate person in the SDA office.
  6. Coordinate alumni engagement opportunities, the Internship and Networking Fair in winter quarter, and in conjunction with the SDA Internship Coordinator.
  1. Organize professional development events for all students in the SDA program (i.e., speakers, workshops, in-services).
  2. Lead and organize NASPA and ACPA conference(s) information sessions and logistics.
  3. Coordinate opportunities with the Division of Student Development professional development committee.
  4. Experience professional development within a context of Jesuit education through events, speakers, and workshops such as those offered at JASPA.
  5. Coordinate a program or event (i.e. poster display and reception) to acknowledge and celebrate Careers in Student Affairs Month during October.
  6. Apply and if accepted fulfill the roles of the NASPA Graduate Associate Program (GAP).
  7. Work in collaboration with the Community Development Chair, the Networking, and Career Services in consultation with program faculty to identify and find professional mentors for SDA students.

  1. Coordinate the publication and dissemination of the SUSDA, MAGIS: The Student Development Journal of Jesuit Higher Education.
    • Send a call for and collect submissions from current and former constituents of the SDA program, as well as potential contributors from other educational fields.
    • Coordinate the editing process.
    • Distribute finalized journal materials through the SUSDA Website.
    • In conjunction with the Vice Chair, work to develop and execute.
    • Publicize journal to constituents in the field of higher education, with particular focus on Jesuit institutions.
    • Convene a journal advisory team with the assistance of the Vice President for Student Development, which includes at least one faculty member.
  2. Appoint the MAGIS Journal Editor(s)-in-Chief for the following year based on talent, interest, and ability by appointment with consultation of SDA faculty.
  1. In conjunction with SDA program faculty, maintain SUSDA Website and blog, including updating photos, calendar of events, and in conjunction with committee chairs, providing up-to-date information on each committee.
  2. Maintain accurate database of currently enrolled SDA students.
  3. Maintain and edit virtual communities presence (social media, website and blog).
  4. Post and update virtual community sites with meeting minutes, upcoming SUSDA events, campus events, community events, registration dates, and any other general information.







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