SUSDA Member of the Week – Jasmine Reyes

Jasmine Reyes_SDANewsletterBlogphoto_Spring 2013

Where do you work and what do you do? (4-5 sentences)

I currently work at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, an all-girls, independent, college-preparatory school in Bellevue that serves students grades five through twelve. My role as an Associate Director of Admission includes recruiting prospective students, assisting families as they navigate through the admissions/transfer process, and supporting students and their parents during academic and personal growth transitions as they advance to the next academic chapter. I’ve also worked with Institutional Advancement (Development, Marketing, and Alumnae) offices, international students, and helped facilitate in new student orientations, high school club, and academic advising. This year, I’m lucky to see my first applicant pool of students graduate!

Interesting fact about you: (1-2 sentences)

I work at the school I attended – still see the teachers I had and now call them by their first name.

I love Caffe Ladro (iced Medici!) and Korean dramas (there hasn’t been one series where a Kleenex box was left unopened)

How do you de-stress? (1-2 sentences)

My instant de-stressor: visit a local park with waterfront view… sometimes just looking out at the vast landscape of blue water, mountain ranges, and evergreen trees, coupled with hearing the soft crash of the waves and watching birds soar helps me relax. I also like capturing photography (nature and portrait), listening to Pandora’s classical guitar radio station, and occasionally sweating out stress through Zumba (I’m a total beginner, though :)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (1-2 sentences)

In five years, I am excited to see how I’ve grown professionally and personally. I hope to be immersed in various learning experiences with colleagues and students in higher education, as well as understand and witness student development in action beyond the pre-teen/adolescent age.

What would you like to see within SUSDA? (1-2 sentences)

As a commuter student, I often wish I had the chance to enjoy all that SUSDA has offer with such a supportive community; however in the meantime, I’m embracing the chance to meet new faces and find commonalities. In efforts to appreciate and learn more about the inner workings of various higher ed work environments, I wonder if there are career event opportunities or “bring-your-SUSDA-friend-to-work” day.


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I'm a student affairs graduate student and technology enthusiast at Seattle University. I'm slightly ridiculous and sometimes hilarious, but never boring. This blog details my adventures, misadventures, exploits, random rants, and professional journey, all the while attempting to make a readable end product.

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