Magis in the Midwest

It’s July 1st, which means this is the first SUSDA Blog post of the new fiscal year! This summer, we’ll be bringing you new Blog posts every Monday, beginning with some of our community-members who are doing out-of-region internships. Our first blogger of the summer is Doug McAcy, who is currently in Milwaukee, WI doing an internship at Marquette University (a fellow Jesuit institution). I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Doug for sharing his experiences with us.

– Erin


Doug McAcy

Hello SUSDA!

I was caught a little off guard when I was asked to write a blog post about my current internship experience. Since I started about two weeks ago, I haven’t written any reflection journals for internship class (sorry about it Erin!) so I had to really take a moment and reflect on my time here to see exactly what I could write about and I think I finally found it.

I started an internship in the Office of Student Development (OSD) at Marquette University on June 17, aiding in the planning and implementation of a variety of different programs, including Late Night programming for students and a Leadership Institute for sophomore men, reviewing and revising Senior Week for improved attendance, and some other tasks between student clubs and other retreats. For those who do not know, Marquette is a Jesuit, Catholic institution located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In looking for a summer internship, it was important for me to be back in the Midwest and I really believe this is a perfect place for me this summer.

The day I moved to Milwaukee, I felt so welcomed by my office as they really made it evident they were excited to have me on the team. I truly relish opportunities that give me an ownership over whatever work I am conducting. This has certainly been the case here at Marquette thus far. On day one, I was fielding questions from parents and new students at the Marquette Preview regarding student clubs. I was terrified at first, but really got the hang of it. Donning my official MU polo and name badge, I was blown away by the freedom my colleagues in OSD gave me for talking about Marquette. It was this sense of trust by my colleagues right off the bat that has really shaped my experience here so far.

I have only been here a short two weeks, but already I have been reaffirmed in my choice of institutions after completing my education at Seattle University. Receiving an education at now two different Jesuit institutions and interning at a third, I really can speak to the Jesuit education and the love I have for these institutions. The mission, the focus, and the holistic approach to education truly enrich the lives of students and empower each and every student to find that which they are most passionate and “go forth and set the world on fire” (a quote from St. Ignatius).

In addition to this, my decision to work at a college or university to help students of all backgrounds succeed at college and find their truly calling (much how I happened to land in this field) is being reaffirmed constantly with the work I do at Seattle and here at Marquette. Although I do not have much face-to-face interaction with students, I know the work that I am doing and the work my entire office is doing will go to help the current and future students of Marquette and that is what I truly enjoy. Knowing that the programs I am helping to develop will enrich the lives of students through leadership programs, student clubs, late night programming and retreats really keeps me going even without the personal interaction of students as often.

One of the main reasons I was drawn to the SDA program was the chance to experience other institutions through the mandatory internship component. And I am so thankful for that piece. I now have the chance to connect with professionals here at Marquette and develop a whole other network in a different part of the country who are connected to even more professionals. This is a great opportunity for me to show what I have learned and what I can do.

So as I reflect on the two weeks I have been on the job here, I can say I love where I am and the work that I am doing. Marquette is going to be an amazing home for the next two months both in location and the people I will be working alongside.

Thanks for reading!

Doug McAcy


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