Introducing Your 2013-2014 SUSDA E-Team…

Hello SUSDA! Our summer blogs are over, so we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to the 2013-2014 SUSDA Executive Team (E-Team)! Below you’ll find brief introductions and some goals for the year. Feel free to contact any of us at any time with questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. We are looking forward to an amazing year with SUSDA!

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 9.16.2013 - Keisha

Keisha Jackson (Chair)

Greetings SUSDA Community! As your chair for the 2013-2014 academic year I am excited to build community with you all by hearing your personal narratives, being colleagues with you in the classroom and in our respective professional roles and growing with you as we discuss our roles as the future leaders of student affairs! SUSDA is a unique graduate student organization on Seattle University’s campus and as members we each have the opportunity to leave our legacy on the SDA program and the SU campus. I am honored to serve in a position of leadership to guide and support the work that we will all do together this year. I implore each of you – regardless of your status/year in the SDA program – to attend as many SUSDA-hosted events and programs as possible. Every effort will be made to ensure that YOUR voice is heard – so show up and speak out! Feel free to connect with me to set up coffee/meet up time or with any questions or concerns. My contact info is or 253-376-2799.

Here are our first two SUSDA events (RSVP today):

* SUSDA BBQ (See evite email, Saturday, September 28, 3:30-6pm, partners/family welcome)

* SUSDA Community Retreat (Saturday, October 12, 10am-8pm, Registration link:

9.16.2013 - Chris

Chris Van Drimmelen (Vice Chair)

As SUSDA Vice-Chair, it is my goal to ensure that SUSDA has the resources (both financial and otherwise) that we need in order to build a strong community and provide all members with a variety of opportunities throughout the year.  Beyond that I’m very much looking forward to continuing to learn about everyone’s strengths and how we can best utilize the whole community’s abilities.  We have an incredible bunch of people here in the SDA program and I want to see everyone doing both teaching and learning in their time at SU.

9.16.2013 - Elia

Elia Grenier (Networking Chair)

Hi SUSDA! E-team had a great retreat this weekend, full of laughter and planning. As Internship and Networking Chair this year, I am really excited to work with current students helping make connections with prospective students, alumni, and area professionals. Whether it be helping recruit the incoming cohort, illuminating internship opportunities for current students, or finding avenues to positions after graduation, I am so looking forward to working alongside you all this year. I am also proud to have the opportunity to advocate for those of us who are taking less traditional paths through the program, whether that be working full-time, off campus, outside higher ed, or being continuing continuing. I have taken all of those paths during my time in the program, and I am happy to be both a voice and a resource. Other than that, mark your calendars now for the Internship and Networking Fair (February 5th 2014!) and welcome to Fall 2013 SUSDA, we are ready!

9.16.2013 - Justin

Justin Zagorski (Professional Development Chair)

Hello Friends I am very excited for the year. The Professional Development Committee (PDC) will provide many opportunities during Fall quarter. We’ll be implementing events during Careers in Student Affairs Months, around the Internship Discernment process, and working on matching continuing students with SDA alumni in the region. Throughout the year, we will offer skill-building workshops that are catered toward students’ interests. I am looking forward to working with SUSDA to form leaders for a just and humane world. This year is going to be fabulous and I love that I get to serve as your chair to the PDC.

9.16.2013 - Cobretti

Cobretti Williams (Community Development Chair)

As Community Development Chair, my purpose is to use this platform to unite our community in a more intentional, inclusive way. We have an excellent opportunity before us to engage in thoughtful dialogue about the issues that we face in our lives as professionals and emerging advocates of social justice. Overall, my goal is to 1) create meaningful programs for students to dialogue and learn about diversity and social justice, 2) establish connections within our community among students, faculty, and alumni, and 3) maximize our resources so that each student leaves this program learning more about themselves and others than they did before. This will be a growing experience for us all and hope you join me in developing our community!

9.16.2013 - Erin

Erin Lewis (Communications Chair)

My main goal for this academic year is to keep SUSDA members informed of events and opportunities at all times. I will be responsible for sending out the SUSDA newsletter each week, managing the SUSDA blog, and keeping the events calendar updated and available for everyone. I will most likely be approaching you all for blog submissions, but if you already know that you’d like to write for the blog, please contact me at I would love volunteers! I’m looking forward to working with the other fabulous E-Team members and, of course, with all of you! There are many wonderful events and activities on the calendar already, with even more to come! So, keep your eyes on the lookout for our first SUSDA newsletter on Monday, September 23. And please continue to read the blog every week: Cheers to a great year!

9.16.2013 - Eden

9.16.2013 - Sophie

Eden Tullis & Sophie Boyer (MAGIS Co-Editors)

This year’s MAGIS team will be primarily focused on creating a greater online presence. The journal is only available online now so we feel it is important to promote this platform. We plan to accept submissions from a more diverse pool of writers, too. If you are a member of the SUSDA community, SUSDA Alumni community, the Seattle University Student Development community, or a staff member at Seattle University, we want to hear your perspective! A call for submissions will go out sometime in November, and we plan on having the MAGIS Release Party near the end of April or early in May. To submit an article for the next edition or to volunteer to be on the editorial board, just contact Sophie Boyer or Eden Tullis, this year’s co-editors.


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