SUSDA Newsletter October 2, 2015

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Whoa.  Is it the weekend already?  It’s a good thing that none of us are busy yet!

That’s a joke.  Hope you all are doing well these first few weeks of the school year and know that we are cheering and rooting for you!  Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for… the RETREAT AGENDA!!

9:00 am Welcome (Coffee, tea, and light snacks will be provided)
9:20 am Community Standards
9:25 am Icebreaker
10:15 am Professional Identity Workshop
11:15 am Social Media and Events
11:25 am Table Talks
1:00 pm Community Building Activities
2:45 pm BREAK
2:55 pm Reflection Activities
3:50 pm Closing Activities
5:00 pm GO HOME

Dress comfortably!

Other SUSDA Happenings

October 12 – Letters of Intent for First Year Liaison (FYL) Due
October 19, 5:00 pm – First SUSDA Meeting: FYL Speeches (Voting opens) (Location TBD)
October 22 – FYL Ballot Closed

October 31 – Halloween Party! (Location and time TBD)
November 2, 4:30pm – Continuing Student Check-In (Location TBD)
**Worry not, First Years, your FYL will be setting one up soon!
During Thanksgiving – Friendsgiving (Location and time TBD)
December 4 – Holiday Party (Location and time TBD)


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