MAGIS Volume 1

Table Of Contents

Vocational Discernment: A Research Report on Best Practices in Vocational Discernment at Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education 
Kari Hamilton

Student Suicide on Campus
Shannon Foley

Federal Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act
Provides Feds the Opportunity to Bring Access and Choice

John Baworowsky

Words Become Action: Linking Mission Statements to Student Development
Catherine Morrell

A Call for Collective Purpose: Using personal mission to inform institutional practice
Lucas Bierlein, Julie Larsen, and Ana Ybarra

Melissa Shaub, ’07, Editor-in-Chief

2006-2007 SUSDA Publications Committee
Karen DeLisle, ’08
Bryce Hughes, ’08
Sarah Michaelis, ’08
James Policar, ’08
Cari Ann Urabe, ’08

Editorial Board
Kim Becker, ’08
Julie Clements-Mathews, ’08
Catherine Coolidge, ’07
Molly Dugan, ’08
Shannon Foley, ’07
Amy Lonn-O’Brien, ’07
Tara Lunde, ’09
Jessica Mervis, ’07
Nekesa Straker, ’07
Meghan Volk, ’07
Jennifer Wascher, ’08
Cortney Woolett, ’08

SUSDA Advisors
Dr. Bridget Turner Kelly, Assistant Professor, Student Development Administration
Tim Wilson, Director of Student Activities

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