Hello SDA Prospective Students!

Welcome to our lovely SUSDA website! I know it doesn’t seem much, but that’s because we’re as intentional as we can be for our community.  That means I’m sending out newsletter more than I am updating this website.  However! I realize you’re here to learn more about SUSDA and what we do for SDA.  So here’s the gist of things:   SUSDA is the student organization for the SDA program.  That means it is run by students of SDA.  We provide opportunities for professional development, updates on the field of Student Affairs, and community building amongst your peers.  Check out the Exec Board to see what we prioritize and value as a group.

Till then, if you’re visiting us for Preview Days, great! We’ll see you on campus.  If not, please contact us to learn more about what we do for you as an SDA student.

For fun, I’ve updated this website with all the newsletters sent out this year.  You’re free to peruse them for information and enjoyment.

Good luck on the discernment process!